Samsung making more foldable displays as Galaxy Fold keeps selling out

The Galaxy Fold has been released in a lot more markets over the past month. Samsung has been offering the device in limited quantities and it has been selling out almost everywhere. The company has managed the roll out well and may now be planning to make more units than it had originally thought.According to a report out of South Korea, Samsung Display is ramping up the production of foldable display panels since the Galaxy Fold has been selling really well. If the company feels that it can end up selling more units than first planned, it would obviously make sense to do that.Galaxy Fold has been selling out fairly quicklyThe report mentions that Samsung Display had planned to produce 67,000 foldable display panels last month after making 40,000 in August. However, the company made 92,000 panels, a 40 percent increase over the original target.As the Galaxy Fold continues to sell out, Samsung would want to maintain the momentum by fully operating the manufacturing lines for foldable displays. It’s now expected to produce 102,000 panels in October and 99,000 in November. It can reportedly make 3,300 foldable panels every single day and if these targets are to be hit, Samsung Display will have to keep the manufacturing lines running at full speed for the next few months.Demand for the Galaxy Fold will taper off eventually. The controlled manner in which Samsung is releasing the device has helped increase sales. Rarity is always a good tactic to employ and Samsung had done that very well.

Galaxy Fold

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