Samsung loses Vietnam market share but enjoys Galaxy Note 10 success

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Samsung’s smartphone market share in Vietnam has been following a declining trajectory throughout the year, and a recent report citing research firm GfK reveals that October has been the company’s lowest-performing month of 2019.That’s not necessarily saying that Samsung has recorded its lowest revenues in Vietnam in October. Samsung may have sold fewer handsets leading to a smaller market share, but the ones it did sell have had a higher price tag than usual.Galaxy Note 10 was in high demand in Vietnam throughout OctoberAccording to VnExpress citing a retailer in Vietnam, roughly 45% of all the smartphone models sold by Samsung in October were part of the Galaxy Note 10 lineup. The company’s smartphone market share stood at 38.45% at the end of October, down from 40.75% a month earlier.

The company recorded an impressive 50.86% market share in March 2019, which was its highest point of the year. Except for July and August when it spiked up a couple of points, its overall market share throughout the year has been declining. Perhaps with the release of the new Galaxy A (2020) series, the company will regain some of that lost chunk of the market in the next couple of quarters.Thankfully, even if the company lost roughly 12% of the market compared to where it was 10 months ago, Samsung has maintained its spot as the leading smartphone vendor in Vietnam. It’s followed by OPPO and Xiaomi, whose mobile products account for 25.2% and 10.2% of the market, respectively.

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