Samsung leaks own user manual for the Galaxy Buds Live

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Samsung has spilled the beans on the Galaxy Buds Live again, this time by releasing the official user manual for the upcoming product, complete with bits of information regarding its design and some of its capabilities, ahead of the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 unveil.The officially-leaked user manual contains information about pairing the new earbuds with a smartphone, the Touch area, and the charging case itself. The manual also reconfirms the addition of ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) and dives deeper into how customers should and shouldn’t wear the buds.

ANC leverages physical wingtips for a snug fitActive Noise Cancelling technology requires a relatively tight fit, otherwise the ambient sound will make its way to the user’s ear drum around the earbud itself. Recent leaks haven’t really explored or explained how these bean-shaped earbuds will provide this type of insulation given that people’s ears come in different shapes and sizes, and although it was logical to assume that some form of wingtips will be involved, the leaked user manual at hand does shed a little bit more light on the matter.Judging by the manual, the Galaxy Buds Live should rely on wingtips to provide a snug fit and help the case of ANC. In fact, wingtips are mandatory when using the Galaxy Buds Live, as using the earbuds without a pair of wingtips attached can result in physical injury, Samsung claims.

The user manual also contains basic sketches and information about the charging case, particularly the LED indicator and how it relays information about battery charge. For example, a solid red LED indicates that the case is charging, while a rapidly-blinking red LED suggests that charging was blocked due to abnormal temperatures. Unsurprisingly, the charging case has complementary built-in safety measures.Check the image gallery for more details and share your thoughts below. Do you plan on buying the Galaxy Buds Live once the product hits the shelves? The new earbuds are rumored to go on sale for around 190 euro / $220 which makes them pricier than the Galaxy Buds+, but then again, the Galaxy Buds Live come with a new design and the long-awaited addition of ANC.

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