Samsung launches The Sero rotating TV in the Netherlands

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Samsung is bringing the Sero, its massive smartphone-shaped smart TV, to the Netherlands this fall, the company announced Tuesday. The Sero will be available for purchase in the country as of September 7th, priced at €1,699, which amounts to about $1,950, VAT included.Needless to say, that’s quite a steep price tag for a TV, even a 43-inch 4K QLED one capable of rotating around its axis, but perhaps its unique form factor ends up outperforming expectations. What should be immediately obvious is that the Sero is a TV Samsung designed specifically for long-time users of its Galaxy smartphones, with screen mirroring obviously being among its main allures.Smart Hub on wheels that knows your smartphone inside and outThe stand that comes as part of the package is actually on wheels, making this TV portable enough to double as an advertising display in shops – not that using it as such would be a particularly clever idea. The Sero has already been available in France as of last month, having previously also launched in the United States and United Kingdom.Samsung will likely follow up on its Dutch release by expanding the Sero’s availability to some more European countries. In the meantime, we can all reminisce how it originally announced this curious-looking TV as something meant to appeal to Millennials. By today, it seems to have dropped that notion and is instead marketing the Sero as a curiosity than anyone can enjoy.

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