Samsung launches cloud design platform for foundry customers

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Samsung has announced the launch of its SAFE (Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem) Cloud Design Platform (CDP). This platform has been designed in collaboration with Rescale for the South Korean company’s fabless customers. This platform provides a virtual environment where Samsung Foundry’s customers can develop chips in the cloud.Samsung Foundry first launched SAFE in 2018, and it lowered the barrier for its customers to develop competitive SoC (System on Chip) designs. SAFE CDP is an extension to that, and it allows fabless customers to design chips anytime and anywhere. Rescale Inc., an American firm that specializes in high-performance computing applications in the cloud, helped Samsung with the development of its new cloud design platform.Samsung’s new platform provides a very secure condition, and various cloud companies have verified it. Customers can also use electronic design automation tools like Anasys, Cadence, Mentor, and Synopsys. As process nodes advance, chip designing becomes more complex, and it requires a lot of computing power manufacturing, increasing overhead for customers. SAFE CDP is designed to reduce that design overhead.
Samsung SAFE Cloud Design Platform
With SAFE CDP, customers like Gaonchips and others can reduce the burden of building their own server infrastructure. They can utilize additional computing power from the cloud to design and verify chips. Samsung also offers other tools in its ecosystem, such as cloud, design services, EDA, and intellectual property that’s provided by its trusted partners. Goanchips has already used Samsung’s SAFE CDP to design a 14nm automotive chip and reduced its design runtime by 30 percent.Jae-hong Park, Executive VP of Foundry Design Platform Development at Samsung Electronics, said, “We expect that our innovative design platform co-developed in partnership with Rescale will play a crucial role for the fabless industry as it evolves into an efficient cloud-based design environment. We remain committed to our efforts to bolster the SAFE™ ecosystem and will continue to collaborate with our SAFE™ partners on developing innovative programs that will help deliver ease of use and greater design efficiency for customers.

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