Samsung launches a direct attack on LG’s OLED TVs once again

Samsung has launched a direct attack on LG’s OLED TVs in a new video posted on its YouTube channel. Though the company went after LG’s TV offerings in the past as well, the latest video seems to be its most no-holds-barred attack so far. The criticism of LG’s OLED TVs is so strong here that the video actually comes across as a bit desperate on Samsung’s part.In the video titled Why do people choose QLED TV over OLED TV?, Samsung shows a lot of test results that prove its QLED TVs are superior to LG’s OLED TVs in a variety of areas. The company says its QLED TVs are brighter, more detailed, have richer colors, offer better viewing angles, and don’t suffer from burn-in issues. Samsung goes on to state that it is the top-selling TV brand for 13 consecutive years and that it has decided not to make OLED TVs for a reason.

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