Samsung launches 30 variants of 4K and 8K (2020) QLED TVs in the USA

Samsung’s 2020 4K and 8K QLED TVs unveiled at CES have now launched in the USA. Customers can now either purchase or pre-order the latest TVs online via Samsung’s website or select retailers nationwide. The product portfolio offers numerous choices, including a total of nine 8K QLED TVs and twenty-one 4K models.More specifically, Samsung is launching the 8K Q950TS, Q900TS, and Q800T in three sizes (each), ranging from 65 to 85 inches. Meanwhile, the 4K QLED lineup includes the Q90T, Q80T, Q70T, and Q60T smart TVs, all of which also come in different sizes, bringing the total number of variants between the 4K and 8K models up to thirty.Evidently, prices will greatly differ depending on which model and diagonal you’re going to pick. And they do range from $529.99 for the 43-inch Q60T 4K TV to $6,999 for the 82-inch Q800T 8K model. The Q900TS and top-of-the-line Q950TS will sell for an even higher price, but they’re not yet listed on the company’s e-shop.Thinner bezels, improved AI and sound quality are par for the courseAlong with a more refined, bezel-less design, Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV lineups also introduce better AI image and audio processing, particularly for the 8K models which boast a redesigned AI Quantum Processor featuring its own neural network and better 8K AI upscaling.Samsung Symphony is another feature unique to the 2020 TV series, whereby users can pair their TV speakers with Samsung’s Q series soundbars and use both audio channels at the same time for a more dynamic sound.Other features include Ambient Mode+, Active Voice Amplifier, Object Tracking Sound (OTS) and OTS+, Real Game Enhancer+, and more. A couple of Samsung’s 8K QLED models even feature Wi-Fi 6, and they’ve become the world’s first TVs to do so. But do keep in mind that, unlike the Samsung TV Plus platform which now has over 100 free channels, not all of these features are available on all of the 2020 QLED TV models. Make sure you consult the product page for your desired model before you make a purchase and see what features it may or may not have. You can hit these links to browse Samsung’s 4K QLED and 8K QLED TV series in the USA.

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