Samsung Knox awarded best mobile innovation for digital trust by MWC

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This year’s Mobile World Congress may have been canceled due to fears over the coronavirus infection, but it’s Global Mobile Awards have still been announced. Samsung always manages to pick up a few awards at these things and that’s no different in 2020.Samsung Knox, the company’s enterprise-grade security platform, has been recognized by the Global Mobile Awards as the Best Mobile Innovation for Building Trust in the Digital Age.Samsung views security as a highly important aspect of maintaining a trusted relationship with its customers. The company keeps security as a priority every step of the way, from designing the chipset to the operating system, device to network and app to cloud.Knox is Samsung’s global defense-grade security platform that protects all data that’s stored, sent or received on consumers’ devices throughout the device’s entire lifecycle. As the largest mobile vendor on the planet, the Knox platform already secured billions of devices and it has been recognized by the mobile industry at large as well as governments across the globe.A panel of six judges was responsible of selecting the winner of this particular award. Samsung Knox was chosen by the panel which also highlighted that Knox happens to be “a very good solution to the issue of device security – a global defence-grade platform.”This isn’t the first time that Knox has picked up an award. The Global Mobile Awards had previously recognized Samsung Knox Workplace as the Best Security/Anti-Fraud product in 2015.

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