Samsung kicks off anti-cyberbullying campaign around Fortnite Glow skin

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Samsung and Cheil Brazil have launched a campaign whereby Fortnite players can donate the Glow skin to other fellow players who don’t have any cosmetic items to show off their characters. The Fortnite Glow skin was launched exclusively for Samsung devices a couple of months ago, but now it can technically be obtained by players who don’t own a Samsung smartphone, as long as someone else is willing to donate it to them.Fortnite Glow skin becomes part of an anti-bullying campaignBelieve it or not, this is all part of an anti-cyberbullying campaign aiming to combat toxicity in the virtual space. Online multiplayer games are generally very competitive, and in some of the worst cases, this competitive environment can generate a lot of friction or toxicity between the players.Competitiveness in the online gaming space is par for the course and always has been. Players will always try to outdo each other in different ways. But as video games continued to develop new methods of monetization in recent years, a new problem arose – particularly among younger audiences – whereby players who don’t have any cosmetic items for their virtual avatars are being treated poorly by their fellow players.In other words, if you can’t afford or simply don’t want to fork real money for an in-game cosmetic item in a game like Fortnite then you risk being called a “Default” in a derogatory way by other players who are usually in their teens or twenties.

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