Samsung kicks off Android 10 development for the Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold may be the costliest mobile device you can buy from Samsung right now, but it hasn’t been receiving the kind of software support you would expect when you spend $2000. Security updates haven’t been coming to the Fold as quickly as we would like, and in Samsung’s roadmap for the Android 10 update for eligible Galaxy devices, the Galaxy Fold is slated to get Android 10 in April next year.Now, Samsung’s roadmaps don’t always give you an accurate estimate for when a device might get a major update. The Galaxy S10, for example, is expected to get Android 10 in January according to the roadmap Samsung has published in many countries, but the update is already rolling out in a number of markets worldwide.That means the Galaxy Fold’s Android 10 update could be released before April, but whether or not that happens, you will be happy to hear that Samsung has finally started Android 10 development for its foldable smartphone. Yes, the development seems to have started pretty late, and it’s only going on for the US version of the Fold for now, with the most current test build featuring software version F900USQU2BSL1.With the Galaxy Fold featuring some exclusive software features, such as three-app multitasking and App Continuity, Samsung will probably have some additional work to do to port Android 10 to the device. We can only wait and see when the update will be officially released, although considering the speed at which Samsung developed Android 10 for the Galaxy S10, one can hope that the company won’t take too long for the Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold

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