Samsung ISOCELL GN1 allows for brighter images, faster autofocus

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Samsung 1.2μm 50Mp ISOCELL GN1 Sensor

Not many people realize it but Samsung makes its own imaging sensors. The last one we mentioned was the ISOCELL Bright HMX image sensor as the next big leap. We also remember the 108Mp ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor with Nonacell technology back in February. An earlier version was introduced to improve imaging further, as well as, deliver more advanced phone cameras. The South Korean tech giant even filed a patent for a new ISOCELL Motion Sensor. The latest from the company is the 1.2μm 50Mp ISOCELL GN1 that allows for brighter images and faster auto-focusing.

The latest is the ISOCELL GN1 which is a 50MP camera sensor that also comes with Dual Pixel autofocus. It’s not as high specced as the 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX found on the Xiaomi Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 series so we’re assuming it’s more for mid-range devices set to roll out in the coming months.

The Samsung ISOCELL GN1 50Mp imaging sensor with 1.2μm-sized pixels also allows Tetracell tech apart from Dual Pixel. It offers better light sensitivity for low-light images. It also offers DSLR-level auto-focus speeds to better photo capture.

With the bigger pixel size, image sensor performance is better. The Dual Pixel autofocus makes the sensor a worthy winner for smartphones. It’s the kind that’s been used in mirrorless cameras and high-end DSLRs for several years now.

The new Samsung ISOCELL GN1 50Mp imaging sensor offers the best in auto-focusing with 100 million PDAF agents. With all those active pixels as auto-focusing agents, the sensor can focus and detect on a still or a moving object from every corner. It’s ideal to use even in a low-light environment. You can say the new sensor from Samsung is the best choice for low-light photography on smartphones.

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