Samsung is shipping 1 million LDS syringes to India to support vaccination

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Samsung announced today that it’s importing 1 million Low Dead Space (LDS) syringes to India as part of its ongoing Covid Support program in the country. The LDS syringes were airlifted from South Korea and delivered to Uttar Pradesh.

The company confirmed today that 325,000 LDS syringes were distributed to Lucknow, and 325,000 units got shipped to Noida. The remaining 350,000 LDS syringes will soon be handed over to the Greater Chennai Corporation in Tamil Nadu. These syringes will be distributed to Covid Vaccination Centers across the district.

How are LDS syringes different, and what do they have to do with Samsung?

LDS syringes were designed to increase efficiency and reduce waste. They minimize the amount of drug left inside the syringes after an injection. According to Samsung, the technology behind LDS syringes can provide up to 20% greater efficiency. In practical terms, this means that for every 1 million doses of vaccine that were delivered by regular syringes, LDS syringes could deliver 1.2 million doses using the same amount of vaccine.

Although LDS syringes weren’t developed by Samsung, the company did help the original manufacturer increase production capacity. Samsung has also helped surgical mask factories improve their yield last year, and this year the company contributed $5 million (INR 37 Crores), as well as oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, and medical kits to India’s fight against COVID-19.

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