Samsung is preparing improved 8K TV upscaling tech for CES 2020 lineup

Samsung Electronics is reportedly making advancements in its AI-based upscaling technology for 8K TVs. The company wants to apply deep learning AI-based upscaling to all of its future 8K TV models planned for release next year. It could also prepare the technology in anticipation of a future microLED TV lineup which may not be part of The Wall series, said to be unveiled at CES 2020.This bit of news comes from Korean news outlet Pulse citing principal engineers Ahn Tae-gyoung and Park Seung-ho of Samsung Electronics Visual Display Business Division.Deep learning-based 8K upscaling to become the next best thingSamsung has been using machine learning-based upscaling tech for a couple of years now, but the company continues to improve its solution and deep-learning AI should push this concept to the next level. As detailed in this paper, deep learning is a subset of machine learning and provides higher accuracy, particularly in image and sound recognition.Upscaling has become a vital component of modern high-resolution TVs because they’ve advanced much faster than broadcasting technology. Broadcasting in 8K resolutions isn’t really a thing yet, but Samsung leverages AI to upscale 1080p or even lower-quality content to 4K and 8K resolutions on its TVs.Are you in the market for a new Samsung TV? If so, will you take advantage of the holiday shopping season and hope to buy one at a discount, or will you wait until after CES 2020 to see what this improved upscaling technology is all about? Leave a comment below.

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