Samsung is developing MacBook OLED to rival own Galaxy Books

Samsung Display is enabling Galaxy Book series’ competitors. The display giant has reportedly started developing OLED panels for future MacBook Air ultrabooks from Apple, while its local rival, LG Display, may be facing manufacturing constraints.

LG Display may be stretching its OLED manufacturing capacity to the limit, says Korean news outlet The Elec. LG is developing 11 and 13-inch OLED panels for Apple’s next-generation iPads, and it lacks the means to produce large displays for additional devices.

Samsung Display, on the other hand, is jumping on the opportunity. Reports say the company has started developing 13.3-inch OLED panels for the MacBook Air. The tech giant is working on these panels for Apple at the A3 line in Cheonan.

The Galaxy Book series is way ahead of the MacBook, but for how long?

Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Book 3 series is way ahead of Apple in the display area as it already uses OLED — or, more specifically, AMOLED — display technology. For how long it will stay ahead is not entirely clear.

Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo estimates that the first MacBook featuring an OLED display will be released by the end of 2024, which means Samsung Display should have plenty of time to develop the technology to Apple’s standards and specifications.

Other reports suggest that the first MacBook Air featuring an OLED panel may be released as soon as 2023, whereas the first MacBook Pro enabled by OLED technology could be released as late as 2026 in two sizes: 14 and 16 inches.

Laptop users who want to scratch the OLED itch can skip the wait and buy one of the new Galaxy Book 3 models from Samsung. The company’s first-ever “Ultra” laptop, i.e., the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, is a beast powered by RTX 4000-series graphics that feed a 16-inch AMOLED display.

Less costly alternatives without RTX graphics but with AMOLED displays include the Galaxy Book 3 Pro and Book 3 Pro 360. The 360 model is named as such because it has a 2-in-1 form factor and can be used as a Windows tablet.

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