Samsung introduces celebrity voices for Bixby in South Korea

Bixby users in South Korea don’t have to wait for NEON to become a reality before they can have a celebrity’s voice act as their virtual assistant. Samsung has updated Bixby Voice in South Korea to include the voices of three celebrities, namely Kang So-ra, Kim So-hyun, and Kim Ye-won.The three actresses are well known for their voiceover work, as well as their radio DJ performances, and Samsung used recordings for training its AI to sound like them. Kang So-ra revealed that It was a mysterious and exciting experience to listen to Bixby service in my voice.The feature is limited to South Korea, at least for nowThe update is rolling out in South Korea, where Bixby users can choose between the three new voice packs by opening Bixby Voice, tapping the cogwheel icon in the upper-right corner, and accessing Language and voice style.The company is also holding a special event until April 24 to promote the launch of the new feature and intends to release more celebrity voices in the future. According to, Samsung also plans to add male celebrity voices to Bixby, however, there’s no official news on whether the company will introduce celebrity voices for Bixby in other markets outside of South Korea.Would you like to have a celebrity’s voice as your virtual assistant? Who would be your first pick? Let us know in the comment section below.

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