Samsung Internet gets better dark mode, protection from malicious redirects

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Samsung Internet received a pretty massive upgrade when the stable version 13.0 rolled out a few weeks ago. But of course an app is only as good as the updates that follow. Now they’re bringing Samsung Internet 13.2 Beta and along with it we get things like redirect protection, URL quick access, OS settings integration, ARCore upgrade, and a better dark mode experience for users. It may not be the most popular mobile browser out there but we do get a lot of things from Samsung Internet so it’s a viable alternative to the Chromes and Firefoxes of this world.

There are times when you will be led to a site that will try to trick you into downloading malware. The beta version of Samsung Internet will have Smart Protect which will warn you if you’re entering that kind of situation. You’ll see a warning which you will then follow back to the safety of the homepage or the place where you came from. Hopefully, the warning will not look like those pop-up ads that some websites like this have as well so as not to confuse users.

Another feature to look forward to is that you’ll be able to access easily the URLs that are stored in your clipboard so you can open them again, send them to a friend, or whatever you need to do with said URL. Just tap on the URL bar to bring the quick access menu then go to the URL in the clipboard just by tapping on it. You can now also easily search for in-app settings from within the main Settings app so you find that control or setting you’re looking for.

The beta update to the browser has also fixed the AR issue that has bugging users ever since the recent ARCore update. All AR stuff should be able to work as they should once the update rolls out. The all-important Dark mode is getting some improvements as well. Web developers will be able to control how their website would look on Samsung Internet when the user chooses to enable dark mode. You can also toggle a force dark mode called “Force Dark Behaviour” although it’s still in the experimental phase.

You can try out these new features if you’re enrolled in the Samsung Internet beta program. Or you can just wait for when the stable version rolls out, although they haven’t given us a time table as to when this would be.

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