Samsung Internet bug is hijacking default browser in custom tabs

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Samsung Internet is one of the best web browsers for Android smartphones and tablets. People often use Samsung’s internet browser on devices from other manufacturers and applaud it for being comparatively fast, light on resources, and featuring add-on extensions. However, the app now seems to have a bug on some Galaxy phones.The web browser from Samsung seems to be suffering a bug that forces it to hijack custom tabs (browser windows inside apps like Twitter). Even when an app other than Samsung Internet is set as the default web browser of the device, Samsung’s web browser seems to be taking over while opening links inside third-party apps. For example, even if Google Chrome is set as the default web browser on a Galaxy device, clicking on a link inside an app opens Samsung Internet.The same issue seems to be happening when a link is highlighted or when the ‘open in’ option is selected from the long-press menu. This problem is appearing on some Galaxy S20 units, and we are not sure if it appears on other Galaxy phones. The exact reason behind this problem isn’t known right now, but Samsung’s implementation of custom tabs on some of its phones may be buggy.The South Korean smartphone giant recently updated its web browser to add more privacy-related features, and it placed more commonly used action shortcuts on the bottom bar. Samsung Internet, which has over 1 billion installs, also comes with a lot of other useful features, including Dark Mode, customizable menu, extensions, ad blocking, video assistant, and smart anti-tracking.

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