Samsung Internet beta brings group tabs, “focus mode”

For those using the Samsung Internet browser in its beta form, a new update brings a few minor features that should improve the mobile browsing experience. This one brings the option to place the URL bar on the bottom of the screen, grouping tabs together, and support for the more secure HTTPS connection. The Samsung browser has become a challenger to the Chromes and Firefoxes of the world by bringing some pretty useful features in the past few updates for both the beta and stable versions.

Some of Samsung’s newest smartphones have pretty tall displays so sometimes reaching for the top of the screen can be pretty difficult. So the option to move the URL address bar to the bottom of the screen is a pretty useful thing to have, “for enhanced ergonomics”. This feature is labeled as the Focus Mode, although it is more for the comfort of your fingers more than anything else. Having the URL bar at the bottom of the screen makes it easier for your thumbs to access it.

The update to the beta version also brings support for tab groups. Most mobile users have multiple tabs open at one time or another so having the ability to group them together will make it easier to organize and sort them out. Chrome has previously added this feature as well so it’s good to see Samsung Internet keeping up with them. Users will be able to create, edit, and delete tab groups as they continually browse.

There is also now support for the more secure HTTPS priority connection, although it’s still an “experimental” feature under Labs. It should automatically try to upgrade any connection to secure HTTPS if the feature is turned on. In case you’re not familiar with this, HTTPS encrypts the information between the website and the user so it would make it harder for 3rd parties to monitor web use or bad parties to hijack the connection.

The Samsung Internet beta update also brings Device Posture API behind a flag to support foldable devices, which Samsung has two new ones. Update the beta browser to version 16.0.2 to enjoy all these new features.

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