Samsung Internet 16.0 Beta update now available

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Samsung Internet 16.0 Beta

A couple of months ago, we learned about the Samsung Internet 15 Beta’s launch. That one delivered a new search widget and anti-tracking features. Samsung Internet 16.0 Beta is now available and is said to bring enhanced search experience and better tracking protection. The new version is ready on the beta channel. This also updates the Chromium engine and offers a much improved user experience plus better privacy especially during browsing. You can download the latest Samsung Internet 16 from the Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store.

New features include enhanced search experience and Smart Protect against transparent pixels. With Samsung Internet 16.0, searching is easier and more intuitive. Suggestion results have been enhanced as well.

When you use the address bar to search, you can see a list of potential results. More results can now be displayed with the chip-type view. Results may be re-ordered so you can see bookmarks and history suggestions, search suggestions related to the user input, and pre-loaded domains or answer suggestions.

Smart Protect is to check if there are transparent pixels available on a site. It’s what hackers use to see what sites you check across different domains. They are almost invisible and are being used and then sold to advertisers.

Data gathered may also be used to place a consumer in a demographic for targeting advertisements. What the Smart Protect will do is locate the images and then block them. The effect is that they can no longer track you.

Samsung Internet 16 Beta delivers other enhancements like upgrade to Chromium M92 that supports many new web features. Page zoom support on phone and tablet is also now available so you can zoom into any web page. Samsung Internet 16.0 Beta can be download from HERE.

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