Samsung Internet 13.0 is ready for public release this week

Samsung Internet version 13.0 is exiting the beta stage and it’s going to be available for download publicly from the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store before the end of the week, the company confirmed to SamMobile today. The latest major update to Samsung’s mobile browser has a focus on improving privacy, security, and the UI / user experience, all the while introducing new API modules and web engine updates.

Dr. Seounghoon Oh, VP and Managing Director at Samsung Research Institute in Noida, states that the security of your data is of utmost importance. Samsung Internet 13.0 has been created keeping security, privacy and reliability in mind. Indeed, the latest update adds an About Secret Mode section and makes the Secret Mode icon more visible, and Samsung Internet 13.0 will now notify users with a more prominent pop-up when detecting a malicious website.

Samsung Internet 13.0 is ready for One UI 3.0

Samsung Internet 13.0 was optimized for One UI 3.0 but, of course, that’s not to say it won’t work with previous One UI version. The update includes an expandable app bar into bookmarks, saved pages, history, downloads, add-ins, ad blocker, and settings. In addition, Samsung Internet 13.0 users will be able to hide the status bar while browsing, and they’ll also have an new option to add a custom bookmark title as soon as they bookmark a page.

Other features include a High Contrast mode that can be used in conjunction with Dark Mode, as well as a new function that lets users double tap at the center of the screen to control video playback when Video Assistant is playing in full screen.

Samsung Internet 13.0 is also bringing under-the-hood changes such as new API modules (WebRequest, Proxy, Cookies, Types, History, Alarms, Privacy, Notifications, Permissions, Idle and Management), and it’s going to roll out with the latest stable version of the Chromium web engine.

Samsung Internet 13.0 is not available for devices running One UI 2.x builds as of this writing but the company will start rolling out the update today or later this week. You can refer to the links below for more information.

Update: Samsung Internet version is now available for download from our APK archive.

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