Samsung India launches post-lockdown sale of TVs, appliances

Samsung India today unveiled plans for a large-scale sale of TVs and appliances, offering interest-free installment plans and casbacks on a variety of products. The company’s intention is to incentivize prospective buyers in the country who are currently unable to purchase its offerings due to the ongoing lockdown. More specifically, Samsung made arrangements with many of its existing third-party distributors in India so as to streamline the process of pre-booking its televisions and appliances online. In effect, the sale should also help those very same offline retailers stay in business.Consumers, on the other hand, have no-cost EMIs and up to 15% in cashback promotions to look forward to. Anyone interested in taking advantage of the new deals can do so directly from Samsung India’s website, where the “Stay Home, Stay Happy” page is already live.Extended warranties, ZEE5 Premium subscriptions, and moreAs for when exactly will the pre-booked devices arrive, that’s still up in the air. Samsung’s newest set of deals was announced on the same day the Indian government extended the nationwide coronavirus lockdown for the third time, with the restrictions to business activity and movement now applying until May 17th.On the bright side, Samsung’s latest campaign encompasses a wide range of its products, including the latest 8K QLED TVs, ACs, and other appliances from the company. The aforementioned cashback program applies to credit and debit purchases made with HDFC cards, regardless of whether they’re made with EMIs. As for the no-cost finance plans, those can extend up to 18 months, Samsung confirmed. Extended warranties and other bonuses like free month-long subscriptions to ZEE5 Premium are also part of the package, depending on the exact product.

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