Samsung highlights the compatible apps for Galaxy Fold

As it gets down to the business of selling this new device, Samsung is now talking about the apps for Galaxy Fold which take full advantage of the handset’s unique functionality. The Galaxy Fold has an internal foldable display to which apps can seamlessly transition from the external cover display.This feature is called App Continuity. Samsung has been working with its partners and the Android developer community on apps for complete foldable user experience. Since it’s an Android device, after all, the Galaxy Fold can run any app even if it doesn’t support App Continuity or Multi-active Window. It allows users to have up to three apps running simultaneously on the foldable display.Apps for Galaxy FoldSamsung has developed a completely new UX for the Galaxy Fold. It has also worked closely with Google to bring integrated OS support from Android for the foldable display. Samsung and Google also set up test labs in cities across the globe to work with partners and developers to test that their apps are optimized for the Galaxy Fold.Google has also introduced changes in Android 10 which improve resizable activity, multi-resume functionality and enhanced multi-display type switching. Many widely used Android apps have already been updated to deliver an immersive foldable experience on the Galaxy Fold. They number in the hundreds and include apps like Spotify, Twitter, VSCO, Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, iHeartMedia and more.These apps for Galaxy Fold are now readily available from the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. Samsung has currently released the Galaxy Fold in South Korea only. The handset will make its way to Europe starting September 18. The United States gets it towards the end of this month.

Galaxy Fold

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