Samsung Health users are displeased by the redesigned heart rate graph

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Samsung recently made some UI changes to its Health platform, and many Galaxy smartwatch users don’t seem too happy with the outcome. In short, the Continuous Heart Rate graph in Samsung Health is gone. It was replaced by a new type of graph that averages the user’s heart rate into time bars.

The advantage to having this new system is that it easily allows users to read the highest and lowest BMP rates at any given time. On the other hand, it lacks the granular type of data the Continuous Heart Rate graph could produce.

Galaxy Watch 4 users on Reddit were among the first to notice this new change, and some are now even blaming Wear OS or the Watch 4 itself. However, the main component that Samsung updated is the Health app — not Wear OS or the Watch 4 series. In other words, this new graph should replace the old one in Health regardless of which Galaxy measuring device you’re using.

A Samsung representative confirmed that this is not an error but an intentional change. The Continuous Heart Rate graph got removed with the latest update to the Samsung Health app, and the only way to get it back is to install an older version of Samsung Health that retains the previous graph design. However, this won’t be a permanent solution if you want to experience any other new Health features that could be added through updates later down the line.

Have you noticed this change in Samsung Health when using the Galaxy Watch 4 or another smartwatch model? Do you prefer the old graph design or the new one? Share your thoughts below.

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