Samsung Health now has ECG, blood oxygen monitoring features

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Samsung just recently announced their Galaxy Watch 3 and one of the features that they’re highlighting is that it can monitor your blood oxygen. But they said that the feature would come later this year because of FDA approval for this kind of health feature. Now they have updated the Samsung Health app and the blood oxygen monitoring features are already live and working if you have Samsung devices that support it or if you’ve already pre-ordered your Galaxy Watch 3.

The changelog for Samsung Health app says that you can now monitor your VO2max while you’re running. If you’re not familiar with it, the layman’s term is blood oxygen monitoring and obviously, it measures how much oxygen is present in your blood. It’s important information to have to see how healthy you are, cardiovascular wise and to also see if exercising is making a difference in how your body carries oxygen.

The other health tracker related to your blood is SpO2 tracking which is the thing that measures the oxygen saturation of your blood. When you see that your oxygen levels are going too low, then it’s a sign for you to slow down or actually take a break from your exercise until you can properly catch your breath. The ECG functionality, which was previously only available in South Korea, seems to have also passed FDA approval.

The other major thing with the Samsung Health update is that you can now track your sleep with your Galaxy Watch 3 and you will even get a Personalized Sleep Score and suggestions on how to improve your sleep quality if it’s particularly low. This is a useful tool for those who have trouble sleeping and may need semi-professional help.

You can update your Samsung Health app now to see all of these features. However if you don’t have a Galaxy Watch 3 just yet, some of these may be pretty useless for your older Galaxy smartwatches.

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