Samsung Health is coming to TVs in 2020 to provide unique fitness content

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Samsung took the stage at CES 2020 to introduce a handful of enhancements to its Samsung Health platform, and only briefly mentioned how the improved app is capable of switching your TV on ‘to heart-pumping programs’ in the morning. The company didn’t elaborate, but it appears that Samsung Health will be coming to Samsung’s TV lineup this year.@ambermac wrote in a recent tweet that Samsung Health is coming to the company’s TV series later in 2020. The official @SamsungTV account followed up with a reconfirmation, but once again the company didn’t go into many details. It did confirm that the platform will provide unique fitness content from Fitplan, Jillian Michaels, Calm, and more.TVs are not wearables, obviously, so it’s logical to assume that Samsung Health on TVs will be used primarily to offer information and training instructions. The TV itself most likely won’t track your activities because it lacks the necessary sensors to do so (unless this will change with future models), but it should communicate with your smartphone and/or smartwatch through the Samsung Health platform to provide health-related content on the big screen.It remains to be seen which Samsung TV models will get Samsung Health integration and whether the release will take place globally or in select markets. An exact time frame has not been given so we’ll have to wait and see how the story develops in the coming weeks or months.That’s right, the #SamsungHealth platform not only tracks & syncs results from your mobile, it will also provide unique fitness content from @calm, @fitplan_app, @jillianmichaels, and more.#Samsung #SamsungTV #CES2020 #AI #Innovation— Samsung TV (@SamsungTV) January 7, 2020

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