Samsung has finalized the Galaxy Z Flip 2 battery supplier

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The Galaxy Z Flip 2 will use an in-house battery, according to a newly emerged report out of the Far East. “In-house” in the sense that the supply contract has been awarded to Samsung Electronics sister company Samsung SDI. The smartphone will be equipped with a dual-battery system identical to the one found inside the original Galaxy Z Flip.

In other words, expect a total capacity in the ballpark of 3,200-3,300mAh. The top cell is understood to be a 903mAh affair, while the bottom one will have a rated capacity of 2,300mAh.

Will the Galaxy Z Flip 2 be the world’s first foldable hit?

No design changes are expected on the outside, as per the same report. The fact that Samsung’s reusing last year’s tech means shorter time-to-market. Likewise, it would appear a price decrease is also on the cards. A more affordable entry point into the world of foldable smartphones is just the thing this niche needs to maintain its rapid momentum.

Flexible-display devices accounted for 2.8 million sales in 2020, with that figure being likely to more than double this year. Come 2022, the market should in excess of 17 million annual device sales, as per recent estimates.

And on the subject of the Galaxy Z Flip 2, our recent exclusive revealed Samsung has a couple of new colors in the works. The clamshell device should launch in the second half of the year. It’s not the only foldable smartphone Samsung’s planning to release in 2021, but it’s still unclear whether the Galaxy Z Fold 2 successor will be debuting alongside it or if it gets its own event.

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