Samsung Good Lock updates Home Up, launches Keys Cafe

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The Good Lock app by Samsung is something that you need to install in your Samsung device if you like to customize certain aspects of your smartphone. Once you have the app, you will be able to download and install several modules depending on what aspect of your phone you want to change and customize. Some new updates now include an improved Home Up which lets you customize your share sheets and a new app called Keys Cafe which lets you play around with your Samsung Keyboard app.

Home Up is already pretty useful in itself as a launcher customization module. But the latest update to it has made it even better, at least when it comes to customizing the sharesheet. You’ve probably wasted precious seconds when trying to share a photo, video, link etc as the standard Android share sheet can be a pain since you don’t immediately see the app that you want to use. The share manager menu will let you choose which apps you normally use instead of the ones that you don’t.

You will be able to choose which apps will appear on the sharesheeet and blacklist the ones you will never use anyway. But if you still want to see all the apps on your phone, even the ones you didn’t add to the customized share sheet, you can still toggle the hidden apps option. You will also be able to choose the individual targets from an app. For example, Instagram has three shortcuts: direct, feed, and stories. You can choose to retain all three or choose just one or two.

If you’re looking for a way to customize your Samsung Keyboard app, the new Keys Cafe module is something you might want to look at. You have three options in this module, as long as your phone is running on One UI 2.5. “Make your own keyboard” lets you customize the layout as well as add or remove things like function keys, emojis, special characters, etc. You can even adjust the width and height of the virtual keyboard.

“Style your own keyboard” lets you choose preset themes or custom your own colors, although you will need the Theme Park module for the latter. Lastly, the “Play keyboard game” lets you play two typing games to help improve your speed and accuracy on a mobile device. Both the Home Up and Keys Cafe modules are available on the Galaxy Store through the Good Lock app.

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