Samsung Good Lock app now has support for Android 10, One UI 2.0

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If you’re using the Good Lock app to add more customization and special tools and plugins to your Samsung device, we have good news for you. The 2020 version of the app now has support for Android 10 and One UI 2.0 as they previously promised. The updated version brings support to some features that the update brings, although you may have to uninstall and re-install some of the plug-ins that you have been using if you’ve recently updated your phone to Android 10.

Probably the most important thing that Good Lock 2020 brings to your phone is that it now has support for when you want to change between a light theme and a dark theme. This is of course based on the system-wide Dark mode setting that Android 10 has brought to your updated smartphone. There are also some new functionalities to some of their plug-ins according to SAM Mobile but what those are was not mentioned yet.

The bad news for those hoping that Good Lock will arrive in more markets is that it doesn’t seem to be the case for now. Some of the plug-ins still won’t work if it’s not yet available in your territory, even for newer devices that come out of the box with Android 10 already installed. They don’t even have access to all of the Good Lock plugins from within the app even if you’re in a country where it is supported. But this should change pretty soon.

If you’ve been using the Good Lock app since Android Pie and you have just recently updated to Android 10 and will now install Good Lock 2020, we have a bit of bad news. They recommend that you uninstall and the plugins you’ve been using. After you’ve downloaded Good Lock 2020 from the Galaxy App Store, then you can go ahead and download the different plugins you’ve previously used or add more that you plan to use.

Good Lock has been able to bring several useful plugins like QuickStar, Task Changer, Routines, etc. So if you’re into customization and adding new functionalities, then this is something worth having. Well, if it’s available in your country that is.

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