Samsung Glasses Lite leaks online, shows off AR wearable idea

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Samsung Glass Lite Concept Image

Samsung may be introducing a new wearable product in the near future. We’re looking forward to that Wear OS-powered Galaxy Watch someday and maybe a new pair of smart glasses. Nothing is final and official yet but a recent leak has made it known Samsung’s plans for Glasses Lite and the next wearable computing AR vision. A video surfaced on the web that shows a pair of smartglasses that can be used for entertainment and work. It takes advantage of augmented reality (AR) as demoed in the video.

The idea of Samsung Glasses Lite seems fun. It’s not impossible. You’ve probably thought about it once in your life. The video below gives you a hint about the wearable device that may benefit a lot of consumers.

The information and video were leaked by WalkingCat (@_h0x0d_). This account often releases details about Samsung and Microsoft. The latest is more intriguing. It may remain just a concept, more like R&D Vision Concept, but the video looks convincing. It appears like an official product teaser but we’re still taking things with a pinch of salt.

The Samsung Glasses Lite appears to have regular eye frames but with very thick glasses. It’s like the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. We see a transparent screen embedded into the glasses where you can “view” things.

Samsung Glasses Lite Features

What we see in the video are simulation activities only. We can imagine being able to “watch” a movie on the ceiling with “Portable Media”, work with “Dex Display” anywhere, and play mobile games outdoors or even control a drone with “New Dimension Display”.

The video also presents the idea of “Integrated Control”. You can use a Galaxy Watch to switch from gaming to watching.

From AR Concept to Reality

The pair can be used like any ordinary sunglasses with the “Sunglasses Mode”. This hides AR displays and then automatically tints the shades.

Many people will ask if this is possible. We think it is as Samsung knows display technology, hardware, and software. This actually looks like a developed product already more than a concept.

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