Samsung Galaxy Z Roll trademark filing spotted on EUIPO

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Samsung Galaxy Z Roll

The second half of the year is when we’re expecting the next major Galaxy Unpacked event. It may happen in August and by then we hope to see the new foldable phones–the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The actual market release is unknown but we are happy to know and tell you the foldable smartphones from Samsung will be unveiled soon. The pair may also be followed by another phone with an unconventional display. It could be the Samsung Galaxy Z Roll. The tech giant may also introduce another Galaxy Z foldable phone with dual or tri-fold design.

We’re betting on the Samsung Galaxy Z Roll especially after some related documentation have been sighted. At the moment though, we’re more interested on the upcoming Galaxy foldable phones. But of course, we want to know about this Galaxy rollable device. It may just be a concept but that’s something exciting.

The idea isn’t new. We have seen other rollable devices like those from OPPO, TCL, and LG. Earlier in January, we mentioned Samsung would develop and supply slidable and rollable displays.

We have no doubt Samsung can come up with a device with a rollable display. It already has a foldable display used on the foldable phones commercially available. Samsung recently showed off new OLED screens that roll, slide, and folds at the SID 2021. They are Foldable, Slidable, and Rollable screens that may be used on future gadgets.

At the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Samsung has filed for a trademark for a rollable phone. It is said to be the Samsung Galaxy Z Roll and listed under Class 9 category which refers to “Smartphones; mobile telephones; tablet computers; telecommunication apparatus; electronic pens for smartphones and tablet computers”.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Roll appears to offer a rollable display. It may be something that extends sideways to reveal a bigger screen much like the OPPO X 2021. So from the Galaxy Z Fold to Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung may be progressing to the Galaxy Z Roll.

As early as 2015, Samsung was working on scrollable devices according to patents. It once demoed a rollable display but with no touch technology. We mentioned before the company would release two smartphones with bendable screens and rollable displays.

In 2018, a rollable OLED display with a fingerprint sensor was patented by Samsung. The technologies Samsung was working on eventually resulted to the first Samsung Galaxy Fold introduced in 2019.

The rollable display is retractable. We’re looking forward to learning more about this technology at the next Galaxy Unpacked event happening in August. As for the actually Galaxy Z Roll, we can probably expect it in 2022.

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