Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3 are now available for purchase

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphones back on August 11, with pre-orders opening on the following day in a bunch of markets around the world. Starting today, the first foldables in the world that are waterproof are available in stores.

The first wave will include 40 countries, while the second will be in October when the phones will be available in 130 markets.

Pre-orders of the new Galaxy Z phones have been a massive success in South Korea, and demand is so big, the company had to delay some shipments in Germany, UK and France. The lack of a Galaxy Note flagship in 2021 was quickly countered by the ability to pair the Fold with a new S Pen, and prices of the foldables helped as well – the Fold3 is about $200 cheaper than its predecessor, while the Z Flip3 has officially reached sub-$1,000 prices.

Here’s a neat chart of how much do the phones cost at several key markets:

Europe UK US Russia India
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
12/256 GB €1,799 £1,599 $1,799 RUB159,990 INR149,999
12/512 GB €1,899 £1,699 $1,899 RUB169,990 INR157,999
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
8/128 GB €1,049 £949 $999 RUB89,990 INR84,999
8/256 GB €1,099 £999 $1,049 RUB94,990 INR88,999

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