Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 teased: larger displays inside and out

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Samsung didn’t fully unveil the Galaxy Z Fold2 but it did lift the cover a little bit so we can have a peek. Really, it focused on the two displays and even then it held back some details.

Larger 7.6\ 6.2\
Larger 7.6″ screen inside • 6.2″ screen outside

The internal screen has grown to 7.6”, up from 7.3” on the original. Also, the display now incorporates Ultra Thing Glass (UTG) for improved image quality. There’s no mention of 120Hz refresh rate yet (and the rumors of S Pen support have gone out the window).

The external screen is much larger too – at 6.2” it covers the entire “front” when the Fold2 is folded. The aspect ratio is taller than most phones out there, but you can successfully use the Fold2 closed. Also, the “front”-facing camera and the internal cameras have both moved to punch holes.

Galaxy Z Fold2 in Mystic Bronze Galaxy Z Fold2 in Mystic Black
Galaxy Z Fold2 in Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 will be available later this year. Samsung will sell two color versions – Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze – and Thom Browne is preparing a fashion-focused limited edition.

The hinge appears to have been redesigned as well, but the company is keeping the details to itself for now.
Z Fold2's hide-away hingeZ Fold2’s hide-away hinge
There’s no mention of price just yet – even details like chipset, cameras, battery and so on are left for a later announcement tentatively scheduled for September.


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