Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Watch the durability test here

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We have yet to do our own comprehensive analysis and review of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Good thing though there is Zack Nelson doing some things for the consumers so we can know if a new product is a worthy buy or not. The new Galaxy Fold model is an interesting product as Samsung has been saying it is an improved version. We believe it is but what will always matter is how it performs in the real world.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 undergoes JerryRigEverything’s famous Durability Test. That is always expected since Zack is known for these kinds of stuff. The new Galaxy Fold is definitely an upgraded version. Its main screen is supposedly better and more durable.

The front display is bigger so when folded, it can work as a standalone smartphone. The hinge is more dust-resistant. The phone is still not water-resistant.

Inside the box, you won’t see any pair of free wireless earbuds but Samsung included corded USB-C headphones plus a 25-watt fast charger. More warnings have been placed so users know what to do and maybe don’t miss anything.

Zack Nelson noted there is still a gap between the two halves when folded. The first scratch on the external screen appears on level 2 but there is still a plastic screen protector. The second test scratches appear on level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7. The display is protected by a Gorilla Glass Victus.

The foldable screen is better than the original Galaxy Fold. It’s not perfect but it has been improved. You don’t see any notch but there is a punch-hole camera.

Samsung has also added extra protection but you can see the scratches at level 2. A fingernail can still scratch the screen but that is understandable. The Galaxy Fold’s frame is made of aluminum so the phone is fairly durable.

Watch the complete video below:

Under the heat from a lighter, the AMOLED display lasts 15 seconds. It leaves some parts of the plastic being warped. The outer display is left with a glowing red mark that looks like an asteroid. The Galaxy Fold doesn’t really fold or crack when bent from the other direction. You can see the strength of the device.

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