Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 rumors: what we want to see

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While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 sits at the top of the Samsung smartwatch family, it’s fair to say that it’s the cheaper and smaller Galaxy Watch Active that has emerged as the star performer.

It’s picked up some of Samsung’s most innovative features before the larger Galaxy Watch 3, and it’s the Samsung smartwatch that we’ve warmed to most in our testing time.

Like Apple, Samsung has designs on launching new smartwatches every year. The Galaxy Watch Active 2, landed in 2019, with the original launching earlier in that same year.

So we anticipate another one is one the way, and we’re intrigued to see what Samsung has in store for us.

We take a look at the latest rumors and speculation surrounding Samsung’s next move to bring useful and innovative smarts to the wrist with the Galaxy Watch Active 3.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 release date and price

When we’ll see a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active or Galaxy Watch 3 in 2021 will be interesting. The Galaxy Watch Active and Active 2 launched 2019 and the Galaxy Watch 3 joined it in the second half of 2020.

What’s more, the Galaxy Watch 3 skipped a numeric generation – so we’re assuming Samsung will want to line up its two devices.

Launches usually falls in line with Samsung’s next big phone launch, and it’s already launched one of its flagships in 2021. So this could point to a Fall launch for the next Samsung smartwatch, whether that’s the Active 3, Watch 4 or even both.

We’d anticipate pricing will once again see Samsung position itself closely around the Apple Watch Series 6 and its SE smartwatch, which would mean putting the next Active starting at around the same $279 price point – and the Galaxy Watch 4 starting at $399.

Like its current watches, we’d expect the option of two case sizes, LTE support and adding more luxury materials like titanium to push that price up, but it would be very surprising to see Samsung go cheaper or more expensive with its standard models.

Advanced fitness and guided workouts

Advanced fitness and guided workouts

When the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 landed it sought to offer more running appeal with new advanced running metrics that promised to track aspects of your form and technique without the need for an additional accessory to make it possible.

It’s a feature powered by a company called Myotest, who we covered way back in 2017. Samsung recently rolled out an update to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to add the same functionality.

Our experience on the Galaxy Watch 3 was mixed, though having only been available on the more expensive Samsung smartwatch, we’d anticipate that the company would look to roll out the advanced running metrics support to the next Watch Active and Galaxy Watch too and look to enhance the way it can explore how you run and not just how far or fast you run.

We might see Samsung also try to rival something like Apple Fitness+ for its Active 3 watch. The company has partnered up with wellness brands like Calm in the past – so it would make sense to do something similar with workouts.

Blood glucose tracking

Blood glucose tracking

Now this really could be a big one if the rumors around it ring true. Samsung has already joined Apple in offering an ECG sensor on its watches for medical grade-like heart rate monitoring and it’s also added blood pressure monitoring support too.

Now there’s been some talk that Samsung is prepping wearable glucose monitoring sensors that will feature inside of the Galaxy Watch 4 (or possibly Galaxy Watch Active 3) at its Unpacked 2021 event in the second half of the year.

The suggestions Samsung will offer the potentially groundbreaking feature comes courtesy of Chinese website ETnews who says the sensors have been developed in conjunction with MIT. The concept of being able to non-invasively track blood glucose would be a huge thing for diabetics and even serious athletes, so if Samsung has really pulled this off, it could well give its smartwatches a serious upper hand on the competition when it comes to monitoring your health.

Blood pressure monitoring worldwide

Blood pressure monitoring worldwide

On the Galaxy Watch Active 2, there was initially no mention of that continued support until Samsung announced it was present inside of its new watch and it received clearance by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in its native Korea in April 2020.

Working via its Samsung Health Monitor app, it requires being calibrated with a dedicated blood pressure monitor first. Samsung has since widened the rollout of the feature including in the UK.

We think it’s likely that with moves already in place to offer wider support for its blood pressure monitoring feature, it will be a fixture of its Galaxy Watch Active 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 watches too.

And we could see an evolution of the feature, which could mean that it doesn’t need to be calibrated – which would be a huge boost.

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