Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gets WalkieTalkie app

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If you’ve always wanted to use your smartwatch as a walkie-talkie-like device to talk to your friend, you’re getting your wish. Well, that wish is coming true at least for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users. A new app called WalkieTalkie has been released on the Google Play Store which lets users have a two-way conversation with other users with the same device. However, both of you need to be sporting the latest smartwatch from Samsung and it most likely will not be available for older devices.

One of the main talking points of the Galaxy Watch 4 is that it’s running on the new Wear OS platform that has been co-created by Samsung and Google. When the Wear OS 3 was announced for the newest smartwatch from Samsung, one of the rumored new features would let users have voice chats with other smartwatch users just like you would a walkie talkie. A new app on Google Play Store simply called WalkieTalkie has appeared but there are some limitations.

Since only the Galaxy Watch 4 has the new Wear OS, for now, this means the app will work only for that smartwatch. When you run the WalkieTalkie app, it is recommended that the watch is connected to your smartphone but later on, you will be able to use it even without your connected device. You’ll have to pair it with a friend that’s nearby and wearing the same smartwatch of course. To use it, you have to hold down the microphone button.

Wear OS is running on top of Samsung’s One UI Watch, alongside the other redesigned Google smartwatch apps and Samsung’s other first-party apps. Most likely, we’ll be seeing this platform for future Samsung smartwatches as well so it’s probably goodbye to Tizen. This WalkieTalkie app is not the most useful app to have but at least there’s that option if you feel like exchanging short conversations with friends who are nearby by just using your smartwatch.

If you meet the requirements, specifically having a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you can download the WalkieTalkie app from the Google Play Store. It will probably be available for future devices running on Wear OS as well.

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