Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra video review: Way too big?

Samsung launched its biggest flagship tablet this year. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a gigantic 14.6-inch screen, which is larger than what you find on even many laptops on the market.

But a larger body doesn’t have to mean you spend your time in misery while trying to handle the thing. Or does it? Well, that’s one of the answers you will get in our Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra video review, which is now up on our YouTube channel.

For those looking for a quick verdict, let’s just say that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra takes what was already so good with previous Samsung tablets like the Galaxy Tab S7+ and dials it up to 11, and if you have no problems with its price tag, we would recommend giving it a consideration if you’re out in the market for a new Android tablet.

Check out the video review below, and let us know what you think!

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