Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ officially announced

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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+

A week ago, a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus was sighted up for pre-order. There was no formal announcement then but today, we’re learning about the new Galaxy SmartTag+. Samsung has introduced the bigger variant of the Galaxy SmartTag as another smart way to find lost items. It’s basically the same as the original Galaxy SmartTag but bigger in size. It will be available beginning April 16, offering ultra-wideband (UWB) technology and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The new SmartTag also promises greater accuracy as it is able to pinpoint the location of an object.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ makes use of AR technology. Augmented reality can guide you visually going to a missing item. It can be done with the help of a phone camera.

The Galaxy SmartTag+ can be attached to any of your stuff may it be a keychain or backpack. It’s for bigger items that you always misplace or forget. The AR Finder tells you where an object is with the help of your Galaxy device.

The phone can tell you how far away an object is. You can set the device to ring loud so you can easily find it. As described, it uses the powerful detection features of SmartThings Find. It uses the Galaxy device network and BLE connectivity so you can still pinpoint with accuracy the location of something.

Use the SmartThings app to find items. You can also help other people search for their own lost devices or items with your phone. The idea is the SmartThings server will be alerted about a missing item and its location. Data is protected so no need to worry about the location of tag being made public.

Galaxy SmartTag+ and Galaxy SmartTag can also be used to control your other smart devices with one click of a button. You can turn off a light or a smart appliance with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ and the SmartThings app. Hold down the tag button and wait for the tag to do the work for you. Price is set at $39.99. Get two for $64.99.

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