Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus hands-on, early review surface on YouTube

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The Galaxy S21 and the high-specced Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will be joined by a Plus variant. Samsung has been busy working on the Galaxy S21 trio. We’ve started featuring the next-gen premium flagship series as soon as the Galaxy S20 was out. A lot of information has been shared for each model as early as May when we first mentioned the camera specs. Back then, we noted the possibility of a 150MP lens but we’re sticking to the 108 megapixels.

Random Stuff 2, the same guy that shared with us the Samsung Galaxy S21 benchmark scores and that video comparing the Samsung S21 with the iPhone 12 Pro Mark. The latest from this source is an unofficial review of the Galaxy S21 Plus. He also mentioned that he’s been playing with the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Little is still known about Random Stuff 2 so we’re curious about where he gets the units. We just know the guy loves to travel. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus unit he reviewed isn’t the final product yet so he warned that there will still be changes.

The source just described the Galaxy S21 Plus will “probably the best phone of 2021”. The unit offers a premium feeling. The phone comes with a glossy finish but the source doubts it is final.

Random Stuff said the whole phone is screen. You barely see bezels. There is still a fingerprint scanner. The camera module has been redesigned and seems to be more protected now. It means the camera system is hard to crack.

The camera module will include three cameras with one lens coming with 3x optical zoom lens that can capture objects from 100 feet away as if they are only three feet from you. Samsung is also said to release an update soon that may be ready for the Galaxy S21 Plus.

Watch the video below:

The unit being reviewed is powered by 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 888 processor, and Android 11. Storage options will be 128GB and 256GB. It’s 5G-ready and comes with a 4800mAh battery that can last the whole day.

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