Samsung Galaxy S21 benchmark scores leaked

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Benchmark

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is coming very soon. We already confirmed the January launch so there’s no more guessing. We only need to anticipate for the exact announcement and see which details being leaked will turn out to be true. Samsung has recently highlighted its accomplishments for this year and shared with us what to expect next year. More foldable phones will be introduced. The 5G experience will improve. The Galaxy S21 will get the beloved Note experience. The Galaxy Note series will still be a go.

Samsung remains as the top mobile OEM. It will unveil the Galaxy S21 next month. We can expect more information and images will be leaked. The latest is this video on YouTube that compares the Samsung S21 with the iPhone 12 Pro Mark.

The Samsung phone is model SM-G9660. The benchmark scores of the Samsung Galaxy S21 are higher by around 200,000 points. The numbers you see on the screen say a lot.

The source of this video is the same guy who posted that Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 Pro comparison videos. Watch the new video below:

Much has been said about the Galaxy S21. It will have stylus support, or at least, the Ultra variant. Its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor will be faster to unlock and may also use Bixby voice to unlock device. The smartphone may still have a curved display, not flat, and with narrow chin and bezels.

We shared with you what we know so far.The phone may no longer come with a charger but may come with a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. It will run on Snapdragon 888 processor. The device may also use an HM3 sensor and 2K display with 120Hz. Expect more information, images, and videos will be leaked until Samsung launches the new Galaxy S21 phones.

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