Samsung Galaxy S20 update will come with major fixes

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Update

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is getting another round of updates. The new flagships phones have been introduced last month but the South Korean tech giant has already rolled out several upgrades. One rolled out in its native county earlier this month just a few days after Samsung reiterated that it will not change its update policy for new smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was also made ready to receive the first firmware update. You see, any new smartphone is not expected to be perfect at launch. It’s actually good of Samsung to come up with updates this fast.

XDA dev Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) has shared what changes and fixes will be available in the next major Samsung Galaxy S20 update. Nothing can be confirmed yet but the phones are said to receive fixes for the sometimes unstable WiFi and freezing Camera app. The issue of overheating while Qi Charging will also be addressed. Battery Management will be improved then.

There are other issues we want to be fixed like that 120Hz display automatically switching to a lower refresh rate. This is not really a problem but the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ are better than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Ironically, the latter can’t do 960 fps super slow-mo recording.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 phones boast excellent cameras. The camera system of the top mobile OEM is still King. Sales of the 2020 premium flagship series may be down due to the virus outbreak but we’re hoping things will go back to normal soon.

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