Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra rear camera’s glass suddenly shatters

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Rear Camera Glass Breaking

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is Samsung’s most premium-specced smartphone to date. It is one of the three Galaxy S flagships released last quarter together with the Galaxy Z Flip. We don’t have the numbers but we believe the Galaxy S20 Ultra has many fans especially among mobile photography enthusiasts mainly because of the powerful camera system. We’ve got our comprehensive review of the smartphone. We’ve seen its scores on DxOMark but learned it’s only tied with the Honor V30 Pro.

The phone isn’t perfect. After one camera update, some units exhibited a green tint on the display. Samsung did acknowledge the problem and a fix was released soon. That issue has been solved but now Samsung is about to face a new challenge.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s rear camera glass is said to be breaking. It’s not just one or two complaints but dozens. Galaxy S20 Ultra phone owners have shared their concerns on the official forum of Samsung. They mentioned the rear camera glass on their phones suddenly broke.

These people said they didn’t drop their Galaxy S20 Ultra. For a smartphone that is priced almost $1,500, a part suddenly breaking doesn’t sound good. There could be a design flaw but that is something that must be checked thoroughly.

Some phone owners even claimed they were using protective cases with the devices. Phones were not dropped or bumped either so it’s really surprising. It’s also not acceptable.

What started as hairline cracks for most phone owners eventually turned big. This even caused some phones to have limited ability to zoom after a certain point or level. Some people said the glass on their phones were completely shattered.

There is no official statement about the problem. Those units may be repaired but at a cost. It’s not actually covered under the standard phone warranty so owners may need to pay $400 if not under the Samsung Premium Care program where it costs $100.

A hundred bucks is still a lot of money for repair but at the moment, it may be difficult due to the current lockdown situation. We’ll wait for Samsung’s response to the issue. What do you think?

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