Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: Watch teardown video here

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Teardow

For the first time in the history of the premium flagship Galaxy S series, Samsung has released an even more premium variant apart from the Galaxy S Plus. Jumping from Galaxy S10 to Galaxy S20 wasn’t the only change the South Korean tech giant made this year. Samsung also made an Ultra variant of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. If the Samsung Galaxy S20+ isn’t powerful enough for you, then maybe the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G version will satisfy you.

This is not the first Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Teardown but JerryRigEverything’s version made us realize us a few things. Some important details have been revealed that will make people rethink if they really want to shell out $1,400 for this smartphone.

The Galaxy S20+ Ultra is similar to the Galaxy S20+ in many ways. A teardown analysis for the Plus model revealed it is difficult to repair on your own. Repair guys may quickly pick up tips for the video and probably not destroy the back glass panel. It still is a bit challenging but things can be repaired or replaced.

As with the other Galaxy S20 phones, the Ultra doesn’t come with sensitive or fragile cables that connect the back to the body of the phone. Prying the phone open needs to be careful but can be done without any damage at all.

The video shows us the battery is a challenge to remove, therefore, also difficult to replace. Zack Nelson also noticed the part where the silicon and stacked PCB layout are doesn’t have much thermal paste between the liquid copper cooling and the chips. This could cause overheating in the future. We can’t say why Samsung decided on this but we’ll have to wait and see.

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