Samsung Galaxy S20 starts shipping early, Verizon update ready

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Samsung Galaxy S20 sales may be lower compared to the previous Galaxy S10 phones but we know this particular series is set to make waves in the mobile industry. It may be too early to judge the numbers but we believe the South Korean tech giant will try to promote and market the devices more aggressively. For early believers and adopters of the Galaxy S20, don’t be surprised if you get your pre-orders early. Samsung is said to be shipping the S20 units earlier.

The delivery date is supposed to be March 6, Friday, but some buyers have reported saying they already received their orders. That is excellent sales and service. We’re not sure why but maybe because Samsung has a lot of stock right now.

More good news for the Samsung Galaxy S20 fans, a new firmware is ready for the Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra smartphones but only those on Verizon. The mobile carrier has released this update for the bigger Galaxy S20 variants.

The performance update is ready but we’re not sure if this is to improve the camera or if it’s the same one released in South Korea last week. The March security patch is already part of the update from Verizon.

Note that Verizon only sells the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra. There is no Galaxy S20 yet because it won’t work with Verizon ultra-fast 5G network. An updated version will be ready by next quarter. Let’s wait and see for the said improvements.

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