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Perhaps for those of you who are following the leaks surrounding the upcoming Galaxy S11-series already know that the S11+ will come with a custom 108MP sensor and not the one that has been already released. But thanks to a renown Samsung leakster, we now have a bit more details to work with.

Two days ago Ice Universe teased that the 108MP camera will effectively shoot in 12MP by combining 9 instead of 4 adjacent pixels. Samsung calls this Nonacell and succeeds the Tetracell tech that has been used for years now and is also known as Quad Bayer. The sensor itself is called ISOCELL Bright HM1, and comes to succeed the Bright HMX that debuted on the Mi Note 10.

Let’s do the math now. Since the sensor is merging 9 pixels into one, you’d get 12MP photos and the actual pixels size would be 2.4µm (0.8µm x 3) – that’s significantly larger than the current quad-bayer implementations having 1.6µm effective pixels. This would ensure stellar low-light performance and dynamic range in all scenarios.

Can’t wait to see what the new sensor is capable of. Just a little over two months until the S11-series see broad daylight.



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