Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite update brings 4K video capture at 60fps

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite was first thought to arrive Q1 of 2019 alongside the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. A Galaxy S10e was introduced instead but Samsung still announced a Lite version earlier in January this year. It was unveiled together with the Galaxy Note 10 Lite as flagships for the masses. The phone soon received monthly security updates. Here’s another round of updates for the Galaxy S10 Lite, bringing several camera improvements and the addition of 4K video recording at 60fps.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite comes equipped with a 48MP primary camera with Super Steady OIS. It’s getting a camera update that added 60fps 4K video recording. This also delivers better camera stability and quality.

Super Steady mode for UHD (4K) video recording is part of it but some Galaxy S10 Lite unit owners don’t have it or the feature isn’t working. We’re not sure if it’s an isolated case but it should be there. Other enhancements to the phone are for the in-display optical fingerprint scanner and overall stability of the user interface. Last month’s security patches from Google is also part of the

Besides camera improvements, the update also brings improvements to the performance of the in-display optical fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10 Lite. Other than that, there are improvements to the overall stability of the UI. Lastly, the update also brings Google’s security patches from February 2020.

Make sure you have at least 420MB free memory. This version was first released in India last week and other regions are about to follow. Expect the rollout to happen quickly and smoothly because there is only only one Galaxy S10 Lite variant.

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