Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 receiving a fix for fingerprint flaw

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A serious security flaw on the Galaxy S10 came to light last week when a British user found that her phone could be unlocked with unregistered fingerprints. Later, it was discovered that the Galaxy S10+ and Note10 series were also marred with this issue.

Samsung claimed the issue was caused by third-party, silicon screen protectors, but it turned out that’s not the case. The company promised to fix this issue soon and it’s now rolling out software updates for the S10 and Note10 series with a patch.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 receiving software updates with a fix for fingerprint issue

The update will reach only those units that have fingerprints registered. And, once you’ve installed the update, Samsung advises you delete previously registered fingerprints and re-register without a screen protector installed.

Samsung is currently seeding the update in its home country South Korea, but the company said it will be expanded to other countries in 24 hours.

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