Samsung Galaxy phones can store your digital vaccination records

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Once people start traveling and going places, it’s expected that some countries and some venues would ask for proof of vaccination. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you will soon be able to store your digital records on your device. Samsung has partnered with the Commons Project Foundation so users can store their verifiable digital vaccine records from pharmacies, providers, and health systems. this will be rolling out in the next two weeks for U.S residents with supported devices.

The first thing you have to do is make sure that Samsung Pay is installed and you have a working account for reasons that will be made clear later. Then you have to install the CommonHealth app from the Google Play Store. You will have to verify your health information using secure authentication measures. After that, you can already download your COVID-19 vaccination record on the app itself and then add it to the Samsung Pay app through the “Add to” link.

Adding it to the Samsung Pay app makes it easier to access your records when you need to show it at the airport or at the venue where they require you to show proof of vaccination. Just click on the Covid-19 Vaccine Pass from the homepage to access it. It can also be shared as a QR code with trusted parties like your office, at school, while traveling, and with healthcare providers. It seems to be a pretty easy process although it doesn’t mention if you can uninstall CommonHealth afterward.

Google Pay has also previously announced that you can add a vaccine card to the app and show it when needed. But for Samsung Galaxy users who are using Samsung Pay, this will be more convenient rather than having to switch to another mobile payment app or to download another one. Not all health care providers will be joining right away so you probably have to check as well whether they’re offering digital download on the CommonHealth app.

The SMART Health Cards on Samsung Pay will start rolling out over the next two weeks to compatible devices. Requiring vaccination cards is still a pretty controversial topic right now but if you want to enter a country or a venue and they demand it, you’ll have to comply and at least Samsung Pay should make it easier for you to bring it everywhere.

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