Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Aura Red, Aura Pink available in the US

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 continues to sell in the US. We have no numbers yet but we know all variants of the Note 10 series are selling. Three models are available in the country: Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, and the Galaxy Note 10 + 5G. Listed on Samsung’s website are all the carriers and colors available. Since its launch in South Korea in August, we know Samsung has sold millions already. At the moment, it is available unlocked and from these mobile carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and AT&T.

The Galaxy Note 10 can be had for as low as $309.99 when you trade-in a qualified unit via the Samsung Trade-In Program. The Unlocked version starts at $409.99 for the 256GB capacity. The price is also what T-Mobile offers. As for the other networks, the starting price is also $309.

Colors available are as follows: Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black, Aura Blue, Aura Pink, and Aura Red. The red and pink are now available in the US as exclusive colors. If you purchase any Galaxy Note 10 now, you will receive some freebies like a free pair of Galaxy Buds until supplies last, free 6-month Spotify Premium access, and four months of ad-free YouTube.

As for Verizon, it even allows $300 savings if you choose an approved carrier financing plan. It’s either that or $200 credit with any other payment option. This is a limited time offer so you may want to grab it now.

Other carriers offer zero percent installment for 24 or 36 months with a Samsung Financing account: Galaxy Note 10 256GB model for $15/month after two months of $24.59/mo credit and the Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB or 512GB for $20 after two months of $25.84/mo. credit. We will keep you posted for other promos available.

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