Samsung Galaxy Labs adds two new modules

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Samsung Galaxy Labs

Not many people may remember this but about two years ago, Samsung introduced Galaxy Labs. It’s a mobile app that works like Good Lock that contains several different modules. The modules can be downloaded to do different tasks and functions. Some examples include App Booster, Battery Guardian, Battery Tracker, File Guardian, and Memory Guardian among others. There is also the Thermal Guardian that helps devices keep its cool. The South Korean tech giant is introducing two more modules to make things better for the consumers.

To review, App Booster offers app optimization while Battery Guardian watches out for mobile apps that may drain your battery. Some other features have been updated by Samsung for the users.

Battery Tracker now shows a 7-day chart so you can see your screen-on time fore one week. It’s similar to the 24-hour chart. Battery Guardian also offers screen power saving that dims the display when the device is not in use.

Samsung Galaxy Labs Module

Performance may also be restricted especially during bedtime. The idea is to limit CPU usage and background activity so the battery can last longer. File Guardian is no longer that useful because Samsung apps now come with a recycle bin.

One of the newest modules is Memory Guardian. It shows you how the RAM is used (system/running apps/cached processes) and by what apps or program as described. Check out your history usage and clear applications out of memory.

Thermal Guardian keeps the device cool. It features a thermal threshold slider that allows a user to adjust when the phone actually begins to throttle performance.

The Galaxy Labs has many similarities with Good Lock but it offers unique features and more. Expect more updates will be introduced in the future.

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