Samsung Galaxy Fold will launch in more countries soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will soon expand to new markets reports The Korea Herald. Japan, Poland, Mexico and Switzerland will be added to the list of countries where the Fold is available, joining South Korea, the US, the UK, Germany, France and Singapore.

For South Korea, Samsung is preparing the third batch – the company has been selling its foldable phone in batches of about 10,000. Despite the high price, the available units sell out within minutes. According to market analysts, Samsung has already sold 20,000 Galaxy Folds in the previous two batches.

An industry official says this is more of a marketing tool, limiting the volume to increase the phone’s value. They add that Samsung Display has prepared about 100,000 foldable display panels, though some of those are reserved for repairs.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will launch in new countries soon

In Japan, the Galaxy Fold will drop the Samsung branding on its hinge, joining its siblings which also trade under the Galaxy brand instead of Samsung (this has been the case since around 2015).

There’s one more country set to receive the Fold – China. The Galaxy Fold is expected to launch there on November 1 where it will compete with Huawei’s Mate X (which should become available this month).


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